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Beth Dabbs Massage Therapy Eastbourne, East Sussex

Deep Tissue Massage

As the name suggests, this type of massage engages deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. Slow strokes and firm pressure help to ease and release tension in your muscles. I have clients who are runners, weight-lifters, rugby players or footballers who find that deep tissue massage really helps to keep them in good condition and pain-free for their sport.

I also have clients who really enjoy the benefits of deep tissue massage because their jobs mean that they sit at a computer all day or spend hours in the car. Some of my clients find that deep tissue massage really helps to alleviate their symptoms of depression or anxiety.

The amount of pressure I use in a massage is entirely your preference. I will always ask you if you would like more or less pressure and you can feel entirely comfortable in saying so - it's your massage!

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Myofascial Release

Fascia is a type of connective tissue which surrounds and attaches to all of our internal muscles and organs - it holds everything in place! Healthy fascia stretches and moves without tightness or restriction, but over time and especially after physical trauma, fascia can become tight, creating tension, restricted movement and pain. Myofascial Release is a slow, gentle technique whereby pressure is applied to one area for several minutes, releasing adhesions and tension in the structure of the fascia.

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Workplace Massage

This wonderfully relaxing yet invigorating massage is a 15 minute treatment designed to revitalise you at work, taking stress and tension out of your back, neck and shoulders. Just a short treatment can lower your blood pressure and ease those areas of tightness that cause headaches, leaving you refreshed, relaxed and re-energised. This mobile service requires a minimum of 5 clients - whether you're in an office, a bank, a shop or a child-minding group, this is the perfect massage for busy people!

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